Published: Sat, June 29, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Firefox Preview for Android is Here; Promises Faster, More Secure Browsing

Firefox Preview for Android is Here; Promises Faster, More Secure Browsing

Those interested in checking out where Firefox for Android is headed you can grab Firefox Preview from the Play Store now.

Mozilla has moved the address bar to the bottom of the screen, where it is much more accessible.

Previously users didn't have any way out to counter this tracking issue but now, thanks to Mozilla's Track This, it is possible to protect yourself from such wide-scale and uncalled for tracking. Whereas all other predominant Android browsers on the present time are in line with Blink and attributable to this reality reflective of Google's choices about mobile, Firefox's GeckoView engine ensures us and our users independence. Modular in nature, GeckoView is a combination of Mozilla-made Android components and the latest Gecko rendering engine cribbed from desktop's Firefox Quantum, all packaged as a reusable Android library that can be plugged into other apps.

The whole goal of Track THIS was, as Mozilla acknowledged, to publicize Firefox's anti-tracking features.

The browser includes Amazon, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Twitter, and Wikipedia as default search engines.

Swiping up on the URL bar gives you both share and bookmark options.

I understand that not everyone collects these data with an aim to misuse it.

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It is a fact that everything that you do on the Internet such as using Facebook or Twitter, online shopping or aimlessly surfing the web, is being tracked.

The Settings display a limited number of preferences in the initial release.

Tracking Protection is limited at the time as you can not change lists or add other protective features that Mozilla introduced recently. One success on Android was Firefox Focus, which offered a stripped back browser with additional privacy capabilities.

Firefox Preview gets a decent HTML5 score though behind Google Chrome which scores 530 on the same test. Mozilla plans to release an ad-blocker for the browser however according to Sören Hentzschel. When that happens, there would seem to be no reason for Mozilla to keep supporting the then-outdated Firefox for Android browser.

Although Firefox Preview is still a v1.0 app, it will replace the regular Firefox for Android browser over time. Support will be dropped eventually though. What do you think of this new re-build? What is your take?

Mozilla overhauled Focus with its Gecko engine previous year, and by doing so created a bit more diversity in a mobile browser world that's dominated by Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

Firefox Preview/Fenix's debut, however, also marks the beginning of the end for Mozilla's other mobile browsers.

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