Published: Fri, June 28, 2019
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Steve Jobs' 'Spiritual Partner' Is Leaving Apple

Steve Jobs' 'Spiritual Partner' Is Leaving Apple

Ive has been a fixture on Apple's design team since the early 1990s and is known for shaping Apple's signature rounded, stylish designs.

His first truly iconic hit after joining Apple was the 1998 iMac with its translucent "Bondi blue" casing.

"I would view it as Jony Ive looking to get paid market rates for his design expertise from Apple, with the right to allow other companies - not competitors to Apple ― to leverage that expertise", Chokshi said. Look, I don't intend to come off as mean, I don't hate I've, but recent Apple products have been sub-par.

Jony Ive is a long-time Apple designer who is responsible for pioneering numerous company's most iconic products.

Sir Jony Ive, Apple's chief design officer, is leaving the company, according to an official press release.

Post this announcement by Ive and Tim Cook, Apple's shares plummeted by 1.5% to $197.44, representing a $9 billion drop in the company's value.

From the "ground-breaking" iMac to Apple's ambitious new Apple Park campus, he has helped to shape one of the world's most successful companies. According to Cook, Ive will work with Apple 'on exclusive projects, ' and Apple will likewise continue to benefit from 'the ongoing work of the brilliant and passionate design team he has built'.

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Given that the only new products since Apple founder Steve Jobs passed way have been the Apple Watch and HomePod - neither of which rivaled the cultural impact of the iPod and iPhone (nor made as much profit for Apple) - Ive's departure could give brand fans pause.

As far as specific ventures in the designer's cross hairs, Ive said that wearable technology, especially those in the health and wellness sphere.

If anything specifically prompted Ive and Newson's departure from Apple it has not been disclosed. I once heard from a vendor involved in the design of an Apple product that the company's non-disclosure form was the most draconian they had ever seen. His first major assignment in Apple's industrial design group was the second generation of the Newton and the MessagePad. He also played a pivotal role in Apple's new Silicon Valley "spaceship" headquarters.

Mr Kobe says that, other than Mr Jobs' assistant and maybe the public relations team, Sir Jonathan was "probably the closest person" to Mr Jobs in the company.

After Ive's departure, Evans Hankey, vice-president of industrial design, and Alan Dye, vice-president of human interface design, will report to Jeff Williams, Apple's chief operating officer.

Separately, Apple announced that it has named Sabih Kahn as joined the company's executive team as Senior Vice President of Operations.

"There are products that we have been working on for a number of years", he said of his continuing work at Apple.

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