Published: Fri, June 28, 2019
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Spider-Man swings over Hollywood for incredible 'Far From Home' premiere

Spider-Man swings over Hollywood for incredible 'Far From Home' premiere

Finally, both of them were really close to Tony Stark and maybe that'll give them common ground to communicate and heal each other.

Do the constant Stark references get old or annoying?

Meanwhile, Zendaya - who described the event as a "pinch me moment" to Entertainment Tonight - rocked the franchise's classic red and black color combo in the form of a glamorous gown, with her typically brunette hair showing just a little of that iconic Mary Jane red. Even though he doesn't physically appear in the movie, his presence is strong and felt throughout.

So we've got a teen rom-com on holiday mixed in with a high-stakes superhero movie, with Parker thrown into some huge action set-pieces that destroy large parts of Venice, Prague, and London.

Spider-Man Far From Home has, so far, been well received by those lucky enough to attend pre-release screenings.

How's the acting this time around?

He's the flawless balance of innocent and naive, yet somehow commanding.

Jake Gyllenhaal will play Mysterio in the film, and while at this point potential viewers don't know how closely the film Mysterio will hew to his comic-book counterpart, the following are some suggestions of reading material to prepare for or follow up on your "Far From Home" experience.

Far From Home also stars United States actress Zendaya as Spider-Man's love interest, Michelle "MJ" Jones. Which is Parker's (Tom Holland) first issue in Far From Home, as the once five-years-younger Brad Davis is now a bit of a teenage hunk (Remy Hii) who may have caught MJ's (Zendaya) eye.

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From the outset, Gyllenhaal sticks out like a sore thumb, nearly like an A-list actor stopped by the local theatre to take part in a play as a lark. The picture shows Tom sipping his drink from a twisty tube that goes down his costume's left eyehole.

Should I see "Endgame" before I see this?

So what's the bottom line?

Spider-Man: Far From Home had its official premiere on Wednesday, unveiling the latest chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the final one of Phase 3, or the Infinity Saga.

Sounds like Holland's as upset about it as we are.

There isn't going to be a Spider-Man: Far From Home Stan Lee cameo.

Tom Holland and Samuel L. Jackson star in "Spider-Man: Far From Home".

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