Published: Fri, June 28, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Fortbyte 100 Location | Highest floor in the tallest building in Neo Tilted

Fortbyte 100 Location | Highest floor in the tallest building in Neo Tilted

The clock in Junk Junction has seen better days but can be found on the bottom left of the area at the foot of the broken tower-somehow it still works.

UPDATE: we mistakenly thought that Happy Hamlet housed the clock for this challenge, but it does not.

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This challenge will be quicker to complete if you land at Mega Mall as you usually don't get too many people landing at Snobby Shores. Two of the clocks are fairly simple to find, but one is sort of hidden.

There are three different clocks located around the Fortnite map, but they aren't visible on the mini map so players will have to do some searching.

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There are three clocks in the Season 9 map that are spread out, and you need to visit each one. The three clocks can be found at: Happy Hamlet, Junk Junction and Neo Tilted. You'll find it in the direct centre as the town's centrepiece, with the clock facing east.

Despite being the Fortbyte with the biggest number, this particular challenge is easy peasy. You simply just have to land on top of the small mountain and it will count as part of your challenge.

The Junk Junction clock tower is likely to be the one that bamboozles the most players.

Once you've visited all three you're done with this challenge. They can all be visited in the same match if you're able to travel that far, but you can space it out over several matches if need be. There they will spy the Fortbyte, and there is where they will use the Sign Spinner emote.

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