Published: Thu, June 27, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Apple Watch With a Camera? Newly Published Patent Shows Intriguing Design

Apple Watch With a Camera? Newly Published Patent Shows Intriguing Design

In a world of ubiquitous smartphone cameras and FaceTime video chat, it's somewhat conspicuous that Apple hasn't yet added a camera to the Apple Watch.

Since Apple doesn't add features simply for the sake of including them on a spec sheet, and doesn't expect its users to become contortionists, it obviously decided that it was better off to avoid adding a camera until it could tackle the problem in a user-friendly way.

If the Apple Watch ever does get a camera, it might end up in the wristband.

Apple envisions a watch band with an adjustable camera or some other kind of optical sensor at the end.

"A smartwatch that has the capability of capturing images and video may provide an opportunity for users to be more reliant on their smartwatch and less reliant on other devices (e.g., smartphones, tablets, digital cameras) to capture images or videos", Apple states in the patent.

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Whether we actually need a camera on a smartwatch is debatable, although there might be times when you do want to take a quick snap and you don't want to carry your phone with you.

According to the patent filing, the Apple Watch band could be made of "a malleable metal core, a core of magnetorheological fluid, mechanical links, or any combination of these features".

Summary data can show Apple Watch users different data points and metrics that were captured as they worked out. So far, that's not been opened up to accessories and add-ons, but there's nothing to say that a future version of the Apple Watch might not change that. Meanwhile, you can let us know in the comment box if you like the new Apple Watch design. The Cupertino company patents dozens of new technologies every year.

What's more, the Apple Watch patent suggests the Watch could have two cameras in "opposing optical directions" to offer the ability to record 360-degree videos. "However, the watch is the most likely candidate". The watchOS 6 brings a new Watch App Store that will allow you to browse, download and purchase apps directly on the wearable device without requiring an iPhone to download and install them. It will automatically measure the decibel level in your surrounding and notify you when it's loud enough to affect your hearing in the long-term.

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