Published: Sun, June 23, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Friday marks the official start of Summer

Friday marks the official start of Summer

Friday, June 21 will mark the longest day of 2019, as the Summer Solstice will begin at 11:54 a.m.

The summer solstice, otherwise known as the longest day of the year, is here, marking the return of brighter evenings, festivals, picnics and barbecues.

The date of the summer solstice varies from year-to-year, landing between June 20-22. This year, the summer solstice is on June 21. Technically, the solstice occurs when the sun is directly over the imaginary Tropic of Cancer or 23.5°N latitude.

Google's homepage for those living in the Northern Hemisphere, contains artwork featuring a space view of the earth smiling up at a palm tree and chair on top of its head.

Visitors celebrate the summer solstice dawn at Stonehenge. Summer solstice for the Northern Hemisphere = Winter solstice for the Southern Hemisphere, and vice-versa.

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Central Command, part of the Department of Defense, also released a video claiming to show smoke from the drone shot down by Iran. The comment comes in the wake of heightened tensions in the region that put Washington and Tehran on the brink of a war.

Along with the earth being tilted on its axis, there are times of the year in which the earth is closer and further away from the sun.

Where does the word solstice come from? The symbolism of life and death is also a representation of the two yearly solstices associated with the light and the dark.

A solstice is an event occurring when the sun appears to reach its most northerly or southerly excursion relative to the celestial equator on the celestial sphere. Rising country star Jay Allen is celebrating the summer solstice by performing his hit song "Blank Stares" in Virginia Beach in honor of his mom Sherry Rich, who passed away from Alzheimer's earlier this year. During the day it will be mostly sunny and warm.

In some cultures it is seen as the middle of winter, while in others it is seen as the beginning of winter. According to CBS Denver, they might see a snowstorm during the first weekend of summer.

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