Published: Fri, June 21, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Young black bear euthanised because it became too friendly with people

Young black bear euthanised because it became too friendly with people

They said the bear was no longer afraid of humans, which made it much more likely to be involved in a risky encounter with people in the future.

A bear who became too comfortable around humans has been killed after local authorities said the bear became "too habituated". It is illegal in the state of OR to scatter food OR garbage for wildlife, the department said.

On Tuesday (11 June) officers received reports that the 100lbs bear had drawn huge crowds of people to the boating area of the park.

A news release put out by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said that authorities became aware of the extent of the problem after some individuals took selfies with the bear and posted them on social media. "Unfortunately, the wildlife experts say relocation wasn't an option for this bear".

"It was very clear that the animal was way too habituated", wildlife biologist Kurt Licence, one of the officials who euthanized the bear, told the Salem Statesman Journal.

After the bear was discovered near a pile of trail mix and sunflower seeds on Thursday, police took measures to euthanize the 100-pound animal in effort to prevent the bear from becoming a threat to public safety.

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"This is a classic example of why we implore members of the public not to feed bears", Licence says.

"We're sad to report that the bear was "lethally removed" by the Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife on Wednesday morning", it wrote. It is for this reason that officials urge campers and hikers to store food and trash in locked, secure containers-and certainly to refrain from intentionally feeding bears.

Officials from the department previously released a message warning residents of an increase in bear sightings in Sierra Madre.

Although wild animals should have a natural fear of humans, many that are constantly exposed to people lose their fear and stop acting naturally around them, which frequently happens in heavily trafficked national parks like the Grand Canyon.

"It's always better to leave them alone and enjoy them from a safe distance", he said.

"They got [the] bear killed and that's not OK", Harrison said to the news station. Oregon, which is home to between 25,000 and 30,000 black bears, has seen just three attacks involving the animal since 2000, the Statesman Journal reported.

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