Published: Thu, June 20, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Mario World is coming to Mobile Soon!

Mario World is coming to Mobile Soon!

Back in February, we told you about Nintendo and LINE's partnership that would produce a new Dr. Mario World mobile game. It is based on the 1990 puzzle game Dr. Mario in which players need to arrange different color pills falling from the top with viruses to eliminate them from the screen. You'll have to be careful though, as you only have a limited number of capsules.

Dr. Mario World is the revival of one of Nintendo's oldest Mario-branded ventures, Dr. Mario having been originally released on the NES.

You can pre-register for the app on Google Play now to receive a notification when it's made available and be one of the first to pop those viruses! Want to see the game in action?

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Dr. Mario World launches on iOS and Android worldwide on July 10th.

You may think of Mario as a professional plumber-turned-adventurer, but did you know he also spent around 10 years working toward his medical doctorate? Much like other puzzle games that operate on a free-to-start basis with microtransactions funding their operation, you can expect to encounter hundreds upon hundreds of challenges that ramp up in difficulty as you go along. As the doctor, you're sending pills against germs, matching groups of three to kill the germs. The game is titled as "Dr. Mario World" and is expected to arrive in July. You can spend real money on Diamonds, the game's premium currency. The game also has special items that help players pass levels. The Mario World will also feature an online multiplayer mode allowing users to play the game along with their friends and family. Make sure you have a good Internet connection to play it in the future.

Each doctor and assistant combo provides a variety of unique skills you can bring to the table.

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