Published: Thu, June 20, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

IAG signs letter of intent for 200 B737 Max aircraft

IAG signs letter of intent for 200 B737 Max aircraft

Even so, the announcement is still a huge boost for Boeing.

Its owner International Airlines Group (IAG) has signed a letter of intent for a mix of 737-8 and 737-10 aircraft, to be delivered between 2023 and 2027.

The US company couldn't have hoped for a stronger endorsement to win back trust from wavering customers and a jittery public.

A United States politician who blamed pilot error for contributing to the deadly crash of a Boeing 737 MAX flown by Ethiopian Airlines was "seriously misinformed", the carrier's boss has said.

With airlines struggling with over-capacity, slowing economies and geopolitical tensions, some analysts warn Airbus and Boeing could face a growing number of cancellations from their bulging order books. Carey said such a "single-point-of-failure design" meant that "any redundancy to the system, if it failed, was completely dependent on the Captain and First Officer of the aircraft". It is the newest version of Boeing's best-selling plane, and was a direct response to Airbus' fuel-efficient A320neo.

"How do you talk to that person in seat 17A", Smith said.

At the start of the show, Boeing's head of commercial aircraft Kevin McAllister apologised for the crashes. McAllister said he was "truly honored and humbled" by Mr Walsh's endorsement.

The Max is crucial to Boeing's future. The Boeing 737 MAX is now grounded, while the Boeing 777X is yet to take its first flight.

Air Lease, which on Monday signed a letter of intent to purchase 100 new airplanes from Boeing's arch-rival Airbus, announced a commitment to purchase five new 787-9s in an order valued at $1.5 billion. It has a value of USA $24 billion in list prices. Given the pressure on Boeing to secure a marquee order, IAG is likely to have locked in a good deal, with the added benefit that big orders tend to come with steeper discounts.

Carey said a MCAS software fix developed by Boeing has made "significant positive changes".

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He will continue on the same duration of the contract that was already signed. "We will have a flawless memory of him". Moreno said it was a "bittersweet day" for him, adding he had always "dreamed about being a coach but not in this way".

The angle-measuring sensors were implicated in the Lion Air crash in Indonesia last October and the Ethiopian Airlines crash in March.

Mr Walsh, an Irishman with a buzz-cut hairdo and a reputation of a no-nonsense corporate leader, said he gained confidence in the Max during sessions on the flight simulator.

The stealth plane is part of the ambitious Future Combat Air System (FCAS) that includes next-generation drones and missiles, which would help reduce the EU's long reliance on USA planes and equipment.

Airbus signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Philippines-based low-priced carrier Cebu Airlines for 16 A330neo aircraft, 10 A321XLRs, and five new A320neo planes.

After lackluster sales in recent months, Boeing's orders picked up Tuesday. Boeing says the 737 MAX is 14 per cent more fuel-efficient than today's most efficient next-generation 737s, and 20 per centbetter than the original next-generation 737s when they entered service.

The damage to the company's own name, as well as its jetliner brands, is just one aspect of the crisis that Boeing teams are managing from a Seattle-area war room.

Korean Air will introduce the larger 787-10s to augment its current long-haul fleet of 787-9s and 777s.

And IAG says on the London Stock Exchange that the 737s (if firmed up) would be destined for "Vueling, LEVEL plus British Airways at London Gatwick airport".

IAG is the parent company of British Airways, Aer Lingus, Iberia, and Vueling.

Now, Boeing appears to be rebounding at the flawless time, with the Paris Air Show taking place this week.

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