Published: Wed, June 19, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

UFED Premium Can Unlock Any iOS Device, Claims Cellebrite

UFED Premium Can Unlock Any iOS Device, Claims Cellebrite

The firm, which has taken to Twitter to advertise its premium solution, says it can extract pretty much every little bit of information stored on iPhones or Android phones, including data from third-party apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and others.

Israeli security firm Cellebrite, known mostly for its notorious hacking capabilities regarding smartphones, offering services to governments worldwide, claims it has developed new software that can break into any phone out there running either iOS or Android. This will allow the police to gain access where no other law enforcement has, that we know of.

Information posted on its website reveals that Cellebrite can also access data that has already been deleted from the phone or even recover information from damaged devices.

Technology such as Cellebrite, which infiltrates data, including messages sent over encrypted applications like Signal or WhatsApp, can be used by authorities in the United States to get into suspects' phones, bypassing many security measures. The service claimed to be created in order to help law enforcement in unlocking and extracting data from locked iOS and Android systems, is sold as an "on-premises tool" so police can buy it and use it however they want.

Cellebrite plays a game of cat and mouse with platform makers who patch up the holes that forensics companies and hackers alike use to circumvent such security measures.

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Apple's newest iOS 12.3.2 launch is probably going inclined to UFED Premium as accurately, contemplating that it was exclusively focused on the iPhone 8 Plus for a devoted bug fix.

Their biggest challenge and what they became famous for was helping the Federal Bureau of Investigation to unlock the iPhone 5c from the San Bernardino case, something that Apple had totally opposed.

On that note, the company says that similar results can be achieved on Samsung's Android devices.

Cellebrite is not at all shy in announcing a new version of its Universal Forensic Extraction Device, or UFED, named UFED Premium. With physical access to a handset, the data accessible includes chat conversations, downloaded emails, attachments, 3rd-party app data, and even deleted content.

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