Published: Tue, June 18, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Magnitude quake struck near New Zealand

Magnitude quake struck near New Zealand

The region was rocked by a second quake a short time ago which registered magnitude 6.6 following a magnitude 7.0 at 10.55am.

There is no tsunami threat to New Zealand following the M7.0 Kermadec Islands region natural disaster.

A powerful 7.4 magnitude natural disaster stuck near the uninhabited Kermadec islands northeast of New Zealand Sunday, the US Geological Survey said as authorities monitored for signs of a tsunami.

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The islands of New Zealand, America Samoa, Samoa, Cook Islands, Soloman Islands, Toga, Vaniati and Figi, along with Wallis and Futuna were initially notified with the tsunami warning.

A tsunami warning issued for coastal areas this morning was based on the best information at hand at the time, the Ministry of Civil Defence says.

Apart from a handful of conservation workers on Raoul Island - the largest of all - the Kermadecs are uninhabited. There is no tsunami threat to Hawaii. It is a town of 2400 people and area is called Kermadec Islands which is about 800 kilometres that is 497 miles Northeast of New Zealand's North Island.

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