Published: Mon, June 17, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Phoenix mayor apologises after police pull gun at black family

Phoenix mayor apologises after police pull gun at black family

They drove into an apartment complex shortly after leaving the store, headed to their babysitter, according to CNN.

"When officers go to make initial contact they run out of the store". The officer had told Ames, who was driving the auto, to stop, but he didn't, police said.

After a witness offered to take Harper's children, police handcuffed the visibly pregnant woman. He also did not talk about how he kicked Ames in the leg while he was handcuffed, which he only stated that Ames "began to tense his arms and turn back towards me". The officer prompts and threatens Harper to put her hands up, despite her own protest that she is carrying a child in her arms, and cannot do so.

Harper, who was five months pregnant at the time, said she was terrified.

During the video, officers can be heard telling her to get her hands up. The incident itself occurred on May 27, when Phoenix police was alerted by an employee of a Family Dollar store about an alleged shoplifting incident - a 4yo child left the shop with a doll without paying.

Meanwhile, the officer radioed other Phoenix cops and relayed details about the vehicle Harper, her children, and Ames were still in.

The vehicle stopped at another road, one of the women got out and the auto then drove away.

In the video, officers can be seen shouting at the family to get out of their vehicle before threatening to shoot them. She reportedly dropped stuff at the door when she noticed the officer.

Meyer wrote that he told Harper "to set the child down" and she "became loud, verbally abusive, and refused our commands".

While Ames and Harper were not arrested, they were taken to the police station and were detained for quite a while.

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In addition, Ames told police that he knew they had shoplifted from the store and that he threw a stolen pair of underwear out of the window, the report states.

Ames received a traffic ticket for allegedly driving on a suspended license, impounding his vehicle, NPR notes.

Police further said that, because the stolen property was returned, store employees said they did not want to prosecute the case, so no one was charged.

For starters, Officer Christopher Meyer, who wrote the report and is the man seen cursing at both parents, never mentions that a fellow officer held the mother and two young daughters at gunpoint.

In an appearance on the local ABC affiliate, Phoenix police chief Jeri Williams said the officers had responded to a report of shoplifting when they encountered the family.

A "fact sheet" on the incident posted to Facebook says that the officers had been placed on desk duty.

Authorities said the incident is under investigation.

"As soon as I was aware of the video, I began an immediate internal investigation", Williams said.

Ames claimed in an official complaint that the officers approached his auto without warning lights or sirens, before jumping out and immediately threatening his family with their guns.

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