Published: Mon, June 17, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Ousted president Morsi dies in court, Egypt TV says

Former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi has died in court, state television reported on Monday. He was later transferred to an unknown hospital.

A top figure in the Muslim Brotherhood and the first democratically elected president in Egypt's modern history, Morsi had been in jail since he was toppled by the military in 2013 after mass protests against his rule.

Since 2013, Morsi was being prosecuted in custody as he was facing several charges, including espionage, killing protesters, prison escape, and judiciary insult.

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Since being overthrown, prosecutors in Egypt has sought the death penalty for the crimes Mr Morsi had been charged with.

Egypt's deposed Islamist president Mohamed Morsi (L) and former presidential chief of staff Rafaa el-Tahtawi, sit inside the defendants cage during his trial at the police academy in Cairo on October 14, 2014. No one can hear him or know what is happening to him. This is premeditated murder. The Muslim Brotherhood was accused of having connections with Palestinian militant group Hamas. An earlier death sentence was overturned.

A spokesman for the Interior Ministry did not answer calls from the Associated Press seeking comment.

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