Published: Sun, June 16, 2019
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Meet man who has donated blood on six continents

Meet man who has donated blood on six continents

It used World Blood Donor Day to show off what Canadian Blood Services is calling the Donor Centre of the Future.

Mr Mashi emphasised that universal access to safe blood transfusion required innovative strategies to ensure safe and sufficient blood supply, which included 100 per cent of voluntary blood donation as well as ensuring 100 per cent testing of donated blood.

According to EKEA, a total of 538,580 blood units were collected in 2015, 318,044 from volunteer blood donors and 220,536 from replacement donors, which is relatives and friends.

On this occasion, NLCH Blood Bank organized a blood donation camp at its office campus in the morning in collaboration with Lakhimpur Marwari Yuva Manch.

Dr. Rabia Naseem Mughal and Mir Shabir Ahmed also deliberated on the vitality of Blood and its donations for saving more and more lives. Who can give blood? Through a resolution, they designated World Blood Donor Day as an annual event to be held each year on June 14. However, what they get from this noble deed is a sense of altruism, apart from the goodwill of patients and their families who are in need of blood.

Arjun Mainali, a Nepalese-born American citizen has donated blood at least 171 times in a 30-year journey that has taken him to six continents.

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Moreover, the app makes it very convenient for donors; they just need to check-in at the nearest hospital through the app, a step that helps save time and ensure credibility.

Blood donation is made even more efficient using apheresis machines, which collect separate blood components like plasma, platelets or red blood cells. Blood donation also burns the extra calories and reduces your cholesterol level.

Facebook has offered this feature since 2017 and while it was tried out in a limited way in India previous year, the Delhi government says they are now convinced it can be useful and want to increase its scale. Facebook said it'll post information on several of its channels to engage its community and drive awareness about the need for blood donors.

Now, users in Chicago, New York City, Baltimore, San Francisco and Washington, DC can be notified if blood donations are needed in their area.

She noted said that with a population such as Grand Bahama's, it is important that there is an adequate supply of blood available.

You can also find out if you're eligible to give blood via the NHS Blood Donation website. You have saved the lives of people that you may never meet in your lifetime, a part of you lives in someone because of the lifeline you extended.

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