Published: Sat, June 15, 2019
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Fallout Shelter Will Be Playable on Tesla Touchscreens

Fallout Shelter Will Be Playable on Tesla Touchscreens

Among them are the wildly popular simulation game Fallout Shelter, as well as Cuphead, a side-scroller game modeled after 1930s cartoons. However, he has apparently been thinking about making a Tesla submarine auto, although only probably only as a show piece.

Todd Howard dropped this announcement during the special live stream with Elon Musk and Geoff Keighly. They are adding and taking away games all the time (last year Elon tweeted a reminder that more games are coming to Tesla).

Musk recently announced that certain Tesla auto models will be able to run several popular video games, some of which will be able to be played using a car's steering wheel and pedals.

Musk didn't say when Beach Buggy Racing 2 would be available, but he announced several other games that will also be available soon. Instead of controlling the virtual vehicles using an Xbox controller or a traditional controller, you will be able to use your car's real steering wheel and brakes for more real fun.

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"We are working together with Fallout Shelter for Tesla, so you will have your little inhabitants on screen and live in the vehicle", Howard said during the interview.

As something to keep family members busy while you're charging up your electric vehicle, a selection of gaming titles built in to Tesla's own software is very welcome - though we're pretty sure it'll become a mid-drive feature as soon as Tesla's self-driving capability is advanced enough. In a tweet on May 19, Musk gave a hint that "We def need racing game using actual vehicle steering wheel & pedals!" Back in August 2018, Musk said that version 10 of Tesla's in-car software will provide support for third-party video streaming like YouTube. After a few seconds a menu appear showing all the Easter Eggs.

Imagine this game on your Tesla infotainment system.

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