Published: Fri, June 14, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Trump inadvertently reveals more of US-Mexico migrant deal

Trump inadvertently reveals more of US-Mexico migrant deal

Mr. Trump and his aides salvage time and again referred to a "secret settlement" since Sunday morning when he first talked about on Twitter that a but-to-be-published deal used to be reached with Mexico and would be "launched on the categorical time". "You would never have had that deal" without the threat, he said at the White House.

Trump, however, refused to share the details, saying, "I'm going to let Mexico do the announcement at the right time".

Trump, speaking to the media before leaving for a trip to Iowa, didn't provide details of the nature of the agreement.

"Starting from today, and in the coming days, the deployment is going to progress rapidly", said Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard alongside Mexican President Obrador.

So far, there's no sign of the Mexican National Guard where CBS News' Manuel Bojorquez is stationed at the nation's southern border - but there's plenty of activity at checkpoints operated by immigration agents and military police.

A major sticking point in last week's talks was a US demand that Mexico be declared a "safe third country" for asylum seekers, requiring them to seek refuge in Mexico if they passed through the country on the way to the United States.

Trump has also said that Mexico will soon make "large" agricultural purchases from the part of the deal on border security and illegal immigration.

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"A lot of things have to happen in 45 days", Ebrard said.

President Trump said he was surprised that cameras were able to see some of the contents of a secret trade agreement between the U.S. and Mexico. They continue to say that everything that was agreed between the USA and Mexico is on the table, is out there in public.

Mr Ebrard said Mexico implemented a working group with Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to coordinate efforts to stem the tide of people fleeing violence and poverty in Central America.

But Mexican officials bid they didn't in actual fact quit very valuable. So if Mexico agrees to this with the US, that would make Mexico this safe country for people to stop in, and it would stop people from being able to request asylum in the U.S.

Over the weekend there was no sign that Mexico had started to harden the border, with migrants and locals crossing a river on rafts in sight of a busy official port of entry.

"Mexico will try very hard, and if they do that, this will be a very successful agreement for both the United States and Mexico!" the president said on June 8.

"In purely, strictly foreign policy terms, I think (combative diplomacy) is a bad idea because the United States is no longer the hegemonic power it was, neither in terms of trade nor finance", said Del Tronco. The Washington Post was able to reconstruct much of what the paper said, and the low-level officials who signed it: A USA deputy assistant secretary of state, Marik String, and Alejandro Celorio Alcantara, a deputy legal adviser in Mexico's Foreign Ministry.

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