Published: Fri, June 14, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

New iCloud for Windows App Is a Huge Win for iPhone Users

New iCloud for Windows App Is a Huge Win for iPhone Users

The previous version of iCloud for Windows was plagued with problems. While iCloud has always been available on Windows, this new app is available in the Microsoft Store and includes a sync feature that's based on the same tech behind OneDrive's Files On-Demand feature.

Apple's iCloud is a full-featured service for storing files and photos, syncing contacts, and other things, as long as you're working solo and not looking to collaborate.

All Microsoft users can take advantage of the new iCloud feature, although they must have an existing iCloud account set up on an Apple Device, whether that's a phone, iPad, or Mac.

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Apple and Microsoft are making it easier for users to access iCloud across Windows 10 PC and Apple devices. But everything else should be accessible to iCloud and Windows users without an iCloud Drive experience for Windows 10 users any additional software.

Safely store all your files in iCloud Drive and access them from your iOS device, Mac, and on With the app installed, you'll be able to access your iCloud Drive files directly from File Explorer (and thanks to Apple's awkward interface, it's probably better to use iCloud on Windows that way rather than through the app). There's still no direct sync to an actual photo management app on Windows, however - photos simply appear in special folders, but they synchronize both ways, meaning that you can add your own photos to iCloud Photo Library or to any shared albums. The new offering is mainly powered by Windows technology, which is used in one's drive files to boost a user's offline productivity and also allows the quick exchange of files on iOS.

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