Published: Thu, June 13, 2019
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Is Chris Hemsworth moving to Bollywood?

Is Chris Hemsworth moving to Bollywood?

"I love the idea of young boys going in and relating to this character of [Agent] M, even though she's a woman". "I pitched 'People In Black, ' but that's P.I.B. and that sounds like a sandwich!" "Yes, send me a script and we'll find something out". And if you're wondering how a movie starring the delightful trio of Tessa Thompson, Chris Hemsworth and Emma Thompson could be so bad ... well, I'm wondering, too.

On the work front, he will be next seen in Men in Black: International.

"She said something great, like, 'I've had the conversation, it takes time.' I think what she's speaking to is the fact that sometimes change happens quicker than we have language to describe it", Tessa Thompson told reporters.

Oh, the two actors who led the "Men in Black" franchise through three previous films are present, but only in a painting depicting a long-ago scene.

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Those who pre-order on PlayStation 4, however, get 7-day early access to the beta before it comes to other platforms. To begin with, the game will feature Thor, Black Widow, Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain America.

"It's time to wave the neuralyzer in the face of every executive involved and murmur softly: forget about this franchise", said Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian. And my (black) hat is off to them, because "Men in Black: International", despite its delightful cast, is a complete snooze.

Cinema Blend: "Sadly, Men In Black International really feels like someone pitched "Hemsworth and Thompson are the new Men In Black!" at a studio meeting, and everyone applauded, but no one could be bothered to develop any concrete details beyond that initial selling point". Not all the reviews were negative, however.

Current box office projections have "Men in Black: International" grossing $40 million over the weekend.

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