Published: Thu, June 13, 2019
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

Federation Internationale de Football Association withdraws claim of one million tickets sold at World Cup

Federation Internationale de Football Association withdraws claim of one million tickets sold at World Cup

"Not sure why the #USWNT is "wasting" any of their set plays when the score is 3-0". Respect to Thailand's keeper, Sukanya Chor Charoenying, who managed to not walk off the field or sink into the pitch as the U.S. women kept coming at her one after the other after the other.

With goal differential a tiebreaker in the group stage, the US was incentivized to score as many goals as it could, but the way the team reacted to several goals late in the match has come under fire.

On the other hand, isn't that what competition is about - laying waste to your foes and enjoying every moment of it?

'The 13,500 in Nice was a massive increase on previous tournaments but you want the right information to make a decision'.

Celebrating goals is cool and good. To take the most egregious example, in 40 years of watching men's soccer, I can't recall any celebration of a late goal in a rout that compares with Megan Rapinoe's over-the-top celebration of goal number nine, which you can watch here. And I couldn't have dreamt of scoring five goals in a World Cup.

Warriors' executive gets choked up talking about Kevin Durant injury
There's going to be some real recriminations for the Warriors as to how they allowed Kevin Durant to return for this game. We all know that, the LA Clippers know that, and the rest of the league knows that as well.

"I respect Thailand, I spoke to some of them afterwards and they should keep their heads up".

One TV commentator said the win was so comprehensive that the U.S. should have stopped attacking late in the game but Rapinoe said the champions were delighted to now have the record for the biggest World Cup win and to make a statement as they go in search of their fourth world title.

The absence (or virtual absence) of precedent for Rapinoe's display demolishes Amy Wambach's attempt to defend her former teammate. She has scored frequently at the tournament. You can never have everyone love you. Few, if any, men would think about a celebration of that nature.

"I found out that we got tickets". "I thought it was a bad look for a national team to behave in a way that just - I tried to teach my children, my girls, how to play sports with two words: with class and with sportsmanship". Carli Lloyd capped off the night with the final goal in injury time, a three-minute period that must have felt like three hours for the Thailand players. She then accused the owner who thwarted her attention-grab of being "homophobic" (Rapinoe is a lesbian).

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