Published: Wed, June 12, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Three set to launch the UK's fastest 5G network in August

Three set to launch the UK's fastest 5G network in August

Three UK will launch its 5G network in August which will support both mobile phones and home broadband.

It has suggested its own 5G network will be the fastest in the United Kingdom, claiming peak speeds could be more than twice as fast as its rivals.

'We have the UK's best network for data and we have led the market on customer usage on both 3G and 4G technologies.

For those of you keeping count, it means Three may well have the widest 5G coverage by the time the year is up. EE now only offers 5G in six cities, and promised a total of 16 locations will have 5G before the end of the year.

"Three is the only operator who can offer a "true" 5G experience which requires 100MHz of 5G spectrum, as set out by the ITU, the global standards body on 5G technology".

Three's August launch date will make it the third 5G network to launch in the country.

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Three is deploying 5G in U.K.cities and towns, including London, Cardiff, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool, by the end of 2019.

The operator said that it is carrying out network improvements across the busiest areas of the United Kingdom, including London, Cardiff, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool, as part of its £2bn infrastructure investment commitment.

Three claims it is the only network provider capable of providing a "true" 5G experience because it is apparently the only company that will give United Kingdom customers 100MHz of 5G spectrum, which is how the global standards body on 5G technology describes 5G. The organization's 5G home broadband service will at first be available in London. Note that these networks have more spectrum than that in total, it's just not spectrum that's ideal for 5G use.

But Three is confident that it has acquired more useful spectrum than its rivals, and when consumers really start to take an interest in 5G next year it will be well-placed to race ahead.

5G will offer mobile connection speeds of almost 10 times current 4G speeds and is expected to cover 80 percent of network traffic, according to a press release. The investment includes cloud core network provided by Nokia & network improvement in major British cities.

"Then we don't have to waste higher frequency, like the USA are using the millimetre wave. we can use the low band which is more efficient".

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