Published: Mon, June 10, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

House Judiciary Committee Holds Mueller Hearing on 'Presidential Obstruction'

House Judiciary Committee Holds Mueller Hearing on 'Presidential Obstruction'

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler said Monday that he has struck a deal with the Justice Department to begin providing Congress with some documents from the Mueller report related to obstruction of justice, putting off a looming court showdown between House Democrats and Justice over the report.

He added that he knows the committee would want to hear from witnesses who are part of Mueller's report, but the "Trump administration is making it as hard as possible for anybody on the House side to do anything to learn about what their activities were or are".

"Is the chairman prepared to rescind his baseless recommendation to hold the attorney general in contempt, or do House Democrats still plan to green light lawsuits against the attorney general and former White House counsel tomorrow?"

House Judiciary Chairman Jerold Nadler said the documents would allow his committee members to perform their 'constitutional duties.' He said it would 'hold the criminal contempt process in abeyance'.

Mueller said last week that the report he created for the Department of Justice, which shows that Trump or his campaign did not collude with the Russian government "speaks for itself". All members of the Judiciary Committee-Democrats and Republicans alike-will be able to view them. He said that as long as the Justice Department "proceeds in good faith", there would be no further steps taken against Barr, but added: "If important information is held back, then we will have no choice but to enforce our subpoena in court and consider other remedies".

With Trump pledging that "we're fighting all the subpoenas", Democratic leaders want to avoid repeated floor votes on contempt resolutions that would detract from their legislative agenda.

New US sanctions on Iran target petrochemical industry
Mousavi said the latest sanctions undercut that overture and showed that the Trump administration's negotiating offers were "absurd, empty and fraudulent".

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway also took aim at Dean on Monday during an interview on Fox News's "Fox & Friends". Pelosi has rejected that option, preferring a slower, more methodical approach to investigating the president, including the court fights and hearings.

The contempt vote has been cancelled, the Wall Street Journal reported.

"I am very satisfied that things are moving in the right direction, " Raskin said.

In his Sunday tweets, Trump said the Democrats were "devastated" by the contents of the Mueller report, saying it was a "disaster for them". We do know that if there's anything tantalizing in the Mueller investigation details, Team Trump will dismiss it as irrelevant or exonerating. But Mueller declined to make a judgment on whether President Trump obstructed justice, though the report outlined 10 instances in which Trump tried to impede the investigation.

The hearing comes as a growing minority within the Democratic caucus has called for the initiation of impeachment proceedings.

Top panel Republican Rep. Doug Collins praised the deal in a statement. "The rules are clear on this point".

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