Published: Mon, June 10, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Here's The (Dope As Heck) DOOM Eternal Box Art

Here's The (Dope As Heck) DOOM Eternal Box Art

As for the new titles, Ubisoft hinted at a Watch Dogs reveal on Twitter shortly after Watch Dogs Legion leaked via an Amazon listing.

"I mean, there's so many good mysteries in Doom universe and we need to answer good questions, and then ask new good ones". Head down to the comments section and let us know.

The Ubisoft press conference will be taking June 10 at 4:30 p.m. EST, broadcast from the Orpheum Theatre. With Microsoft and EA out of the way, it's up to Bethesda to show us what they've got in tonight's show. And it also demonstrated its continued support for Fallout 76, announcing that human NPCs are coming to the game.

‘Final Fantasy VII’ Remake Coming March 2020
Who can forget Sony's 2015 E3 press conference where it stood amongst announcements like Shenmue III and The Last Guardian. The Final Fantasy Remake release date has been confirmed before the big E3 2019 conference with Square Enix .

UBISOFT E3 CONFERENCE - What to expect?

The jury still doesn't seem to be out on whether Microsoft made the most of their "open goal" with PlayStation skipping E3 this year. For the first time, players will be able to control NPC characters and have their fates affect the world. As of today, it's getting its biggest update yet.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is another game that will be shown off during the event, but it has already been unveiled, so it's not really an announcement. Pokémon Sword and Shield, Fire Emblem Three Houses and Super Mario Maker 2 will dominate this year's Direct, with a surprise or two maybe filling the void. Likewise Beyond Good & Evil 2 held a live stream last week and won't be anywhere in sight. "What you interfere with now is bigger than you can imagine".

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