Published: Mon, June 10, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Bethesda says its Orion technology improves game streaming

Bethesda says its Orion technology improves game streaming

It's not their answer to Google Stadia.

Streaming games will be faster and require less use of bandwidth with Orion, according to Bethesda and id Software's presentation.

So how does it work?

And while it's not launching a service of its own, Bethesda will publicly test Orion by allowing gamers to stream the company's 2016 blockbuster FPS, DOOM, on iOS devices - without installing the game locally; Android and PC streaming will follow soon after. On the steaming providers side, Bethesda says Orion will help them "reach larger audiences, at reduced costs, with a superior level of service".

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It continued: "In contrast to game streaming services that focus on hardware solutions to stream games, Orion is game engine-based technology that optimises a game for the cloud".

Hopefully we'll see this technology at work sooner rather than later. "Orion delivers on those goals and will vastly improve streaming video games". Still, the sheer speed of the thing looked impressive when I watched the conference back this morning, and I'll be keen to try it out for myself when Bethesda's public trials start later this year.

Bethesda has announced their latest developments in streaming tech during E3 2019. Players who sign up at Doom Slayers will have the opportunity to stream Doom 2016 themselves, so head over to the site and register if you're keen to check this technology out.

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