Published: Sun, June 09, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Schoolchildren delighted to meet Trump on golf course

Schoolchildren delighted to meet Trump on golf course

"I think people just wanted to jump on the bandwagon", she added.

The Trumps attended a D-Day ceremony in the United Kingdom earlier this week.

Instead, many pointed to the fact that, prior to the ceremony, French TV cameras caught the president sitting down with Fox News host Laura Ingraham for an interview that is scheduled to air on Thursday evening's "Ingraham Angle".

Defending "America First" approach, President Trump, since he assumed office in 2017, has been at odds with Europe, accusing the old continent of failing to pay enough for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, and of causing large trade deficit on the US side through unfair trade practices.

The expenses for Trump's trip included $1,023,940 for vehicle and limo rentals, $10,866 to install temporary phone lines and an astounding $16,325 for the Secret Service to rent golf carts to follow the president while he played the links. "It survived the war, and our connection is indestructible", said the US president.

"Of course they hear what's going on in the media", she said.

Blue, white and red Paris celebrates women's World Cup kick off
The venue for the semi-finals and the final is Groupama Stadium, where Lyon Feminine play some of their home matches. For over an hour on Saturday, one of the Women's World Cup favorites looked a bit disconnected and unimaginative.

In his speech, Trump praised allies for their contributions at Normandy, saying "the full violence of Nazi fury was no match for the full grandeur of British pride".

Trump described some 130,000 service members who took part in the D-Day landing as the "citizens of free and independent nations, united by their duty to their compatriots and to millions yet unborn". This morning Mrs May was joined by Mr Macron at an event to mark the inauguration of a new memorial to British soldiers who died in Normandy.

Trump later royally ramped up his hyperbole when he claimed in direction of the pinnacle of the interview that "there are individuals that enlighten they possess by no means viewed the queen possess the next time, a more attractive time" than when she used to be with him. He told their personal stories of heroism and described D-Day participants as "among the very greatest Americans who will ever live".

Macron awarded the Legion d'honneur, France's highest award for merit, to five US veterans and embraced each man warmly. They stood silently as a bugler played "Taps".

Overhead, planes streaked the sky with red, white, and blue, as the veterans and dignitaries gathered. "Tough guy", Trump said, before Macron helped lower Pickett back into his seat.

"Oh God, I wouldn't miss it", said American veteran Jack Ewald, 94, as he walked in the American cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer. Trump noted that each marker had been adopted by a French family and that people come from all over France to "look after our boys". Freking reported from London.

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