Published: Sat, June 08, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Stream Machines: Americans Spending More Time Than Ever on Smartphones

Stream Machines: Americans Spending More Time Than Ever on Smartphones

Adults in the United States will spend more time using their mobile devices than watching their TVs, a new study has found.

In the United States, adults will spend an average of 3 hours and 43 minutes each day on their smartphones, feature phones and tablets this year, eight more minutes than they'll spend watching TV, according to a forecast released Wednesday by research firm eMarketer.

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Around 70 percent (2:55) of consumer mobile-use time will be spent on smartphones, marking a 9-minute increase compared to a year ago. This is an increase of 9 minutes from 2018. "As recently as 2014, the average US adult watched TV almost 2 hours longer than they spent on mobile devices". "Data is also sourced from online and mobile activity tracking services, government data and interviews with industry experts". About 70 percent of that time will be spent on smartphones.

As for how people are using their phones, the report found that adults spend about 30% of their time listening to music and podcasts; social networking accounts for 24% of mobile time; and video apps take up 19% of the screen time. Video is the "third-biggest driver of growth in mobile app engagement". Mobile beats TV is a sensational headline, but that doesn't really tell the full story, which is one of a fragmenting video audience and changing medium. It's also worth mentioning that mobile devices and the television often go hand-in-hand - with fans of "Game of Thrones" or the NBA Finals being able to easily and instantly discuss the action on Twitter, Facebook and other apps. Phones now let you do more than steal quick glances at social media, and streaming shows and movies on the smaller, portable screens has become commonplace. Hulu generated nearly $1.5 billion in ad revenue a year ago, Variety reported, pointing to how many consumers are willing to view some ads if it means lower subscription fees.

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