Published: Fri, June 07, 2019
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‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ is a forgettable spin-off

‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ is a forgettable spin-off

After a troubled production which included extensive re-shoots, delays and the headache of the Disney/Fox merger, Dark Phoenix is finally in cinemas and, uh, it's pretty much as forgettably underwhelming as you'd expect.

This is why the MCU succeeds and endures: They are making many different types of movies (epic action, yes, but also buddy comedies and space operas and heist flicks) that aren't really weighed down by ideas. You can rent or buy X-Men: Apocalypse on iTunes or Amazon or your preferred digital storefront. That film took all of the subplots that fans had become invested in from the previous two "X-Men" movies and brought them to rushed, contrived and at times intellectually insulting conclusions. From Mystique's perspective, Jean's accident embodies all of her fears about him.

Blade (1998) served as proof of concept for the idea that Marvel's intellectual property could be mined in a compelling and profitable way, but 2000's X-Men was Marvel's first real big budget effort to adapt a hugely popular series in a manner that wouldn't be seen as instantly embarrassing. "Dark Phoenix" does not have a mid- or post-credits scene.

Jean Grey in the midst of an emotional crisis. In Jean, Chastain's mysterious character sees all the potential in the universe and encourages her to give in to the new, destructive desires the young mutant struggles to keep at bay within herself. We meet Jean at age 8, and we discover the very beginnings of her origin story, and how she came to be under the care of Professor X. After losing her parents in a tragic auto accident, she comes to live at Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

"There aren't many laughs in Dark Phoenix, but it's not that kind of superhero movie, focusing instead on the characters' struggles and zooming the audience along through the fast-paced action and impressive visual effects".

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The Phoenix itself would be to Dark Phoenix what the complete Infinity Gauntlet was to Infinity War and Endgame, if the movie had any idea of how it was supposed to motivate the people fighting over it.

The movie opens, with a literal bang, in a violent, 1975-set prologue that introduces us to the film's protagonist Jean Grey, first seen as an 8-year-old girl (Summer Fontana) who is about to experience tragic loss, thanks to the unintended consequences of her telepathic and telekinetic abilities. There are some things that felt new about it and others that were predictable.

This is the worst rating for an X-Men movie is the last two decades.

Now, with Dark Phoenix getting leaked and being available for download online, there is a possibility that the film's box office collection might get affected in India. New Mutants notwithstanding, this was the last chance the studio had to create something memorable with these characters we've spent so much time with. Before Dark Phoenix, X Men Origins Wolverine stood the lowest rated X-Men movie on the site.

Dark Phoenix will be released in theaters on June 7, 2019.

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