Published: Fri, June 07, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Skype announces Screen Sharing update for Android and iOS devices

Skype announces Screen Sharing update for Android and iOS devices

"Android and iOS users can simply look for the new "..." menu in the bottom right corner, then tap "share screen".

Skype users on Android and iOS devices can now share their screens during video calls with the latest release of the Microsoft-owned communication app, according to an Engadget report.

A popular feature on the desktop version of Skype, Microsoft revealed in a preview that Screen Sharing can now be used to share what you see on your mobile screen as well.

There are two separate versions of Skype available - one for iPhone and iPad. With skin sharing on mobile, you can do nearly anything you want to do including shopping online with your friends, collaborate, with a colleague on a project, and much more. Double tapping the screen will remove all complications and will only leave the video of the person youre talking with.

Speaking of brand new, Skype's mobile calling redesign streamlines and simplifies the video call.

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Update your Skype app to the latest version to be able to enjoy all these new features. While you're on a video call, just tap it once and the call controls will disappear. " menu and click on "Share screen" option to start sharing their screen with others".

In this article, I'm gonna explain you to How to Share Screen on Skype Mobile? Select Skype from the dialog box that opens up and tap Start Broadcast to initiate screen sharing.

Skype started out more as a collaboration tool for work but with the more rivals in the market, it needed to diversify and introduce features to appeal to more casual and more social users.

With the proliferation of video chat services, the former king Skype has nearly completely lost its share of the pie.

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