Published: Thu, June 06, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Google`s trip planner mobile app ending in August

Google`s trip planner mobile app ending in August

Support for the Google Trips app will end on August 5, 2019. That said, Google is no stranger to scrapping projects or changing things around as it often does this with other services. Google-centric websites found evidence that the latest version update on Android includes messaging that informs users that the app is scheduled to be shut down. Actually, you may have survived on separate Google services but Google Trips, fortunately, put them all under one roof past year.

What's most significant about BeiTaAd is its reach; infecting 238 apps is no mean feat, though a lot of those were more add on bits of software, say plugins for software keyboards, rather than full-fat apps.

This year, Google Trips upgraded the planning experience on web browsers, letting users lay out all the details on a screen larger than their smartphones. However, Google has also made the service easier to use on the web.

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When Google introduced the Trips app back in 2016, it was particularly useful in planning trips as you had in one place your reservations, flight and hotel bookings, restaurants and activities you could enjoy. It integrated better with Google Search so that any research you make will automatically be added to Google Trips. You can even download the app from the Google Play Store if you haven't tried it out yet.

Of course, there are plenty of other travel services out there that can help you plan trips and travel.

Google already indicated the shutdown of the app as it continues to evolve Google Trips and continuously make information available at, and in Google Search and Google Maps. Users of affected devices have been unable to answer calls or interact with other apps due to the pervasive ads.

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