Published: Thu, June 06, 2019
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DC Universe sends Swamp Thing back to the depths after series cancellation

DC Universe sends Swamp Thing back to the depths after series cancellation

In any case, it was decided that Swamp Thing is now only eligible to receive up to $12 million from the grant, which is obviously less than what was initially sought.

And it's a real shame, because Swamp Thing was one of the best comic book pilots I've seen in some time, and now it won't ever get the chance to build an audience. But the real reason for the cancellation could be much simpler: money. There's no questionable effects, cheap sets or bad costuming to be found throughout either of the first two episodes.

Swamp Thing thing was DC Universe's third original series after Titans, which has been renewed for Season 2, and Doom Patrol, which is still waiting in limbo. For more on Swamp Thing, check out our review where we gave the show an 8.2 and read about the surprising sensuality of Swamp Thing itself. At the time of the shutdown, producer James Wan told JoBlo head honcho, Berge Gerabedian, that he was in favor of the shortened season length, as it was his preferred format for the show from the start. Back in April, local outlet Star News reported that production on Swamp Thing had been cut unexpectedly short, and that season 1's episode order had been reduced from 13 to 10.

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The next episode of Swamp Thing airs June 7 on DC Universe.

There's also quite a bit that DC Universe might do to increase its own revenue (including not immediately cancelling a well-received show for which many people signed up for the streaming service in the first place).

Of course neither I nor anyone not affiliated with DC Universe is privy to that knowledge, so I don't know how Warner Media's upcoming tiered streaming platform fits into this decision or even what is going to happen with DC Universe - which doesn't release subscription numbers - as a whole. EW has confirmed that DC will not be picking up its new live-action Swamp Thing TV series for a second season. Middling? Certainly. But will the show be the end of superhero horror on television?

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