Published: Thu, June 06, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Apple is shutting down iTunes-here's what will happen to your music

Apple is shutting down iTunes-here's what will happen to your music

One new feature that wasn't demoed is more complex searches-you'll be able to combine terms such as "beach" and "selfies" in a single query.

And Apple iTunes also allowed users to import music files acquired from other sources and even sync them to your cloud.

ITunes will be officially phased out on Mac computers once Apple releases its new operating system, macOS Catalina.

Cameron and Pure Sweat Basketball have raised the case so Apple's practices can be examined and developers can be "rewarded fairly" for their creations. This also translates into faster app speeds, which are now up to twice as fast according to Apple's software chief Craig Federighi. Like the rest of its presentation, the fruit company had made several updates to the new version of the OS, plus the addition of some new features.

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Apple is adding swipe to text to its own keyboard, meaning you no longer have to download a third-party keyboard from another app to get the feature. It may never be an iPhone-sized business, but its ongoing progress is one of the more potent expressions of Apple's creative soul. You can also tap and drag on the screen to change the volume. "Apple is a monopolist in the USA market for iOS app and in-app product distribution services", the plaintiffs' lawyers state in the "relevant facts" section of their suit. In 2017, you may remember, the company drew the collective ire of the tech-loving public when it was outed for throttling CPU speeds on iPhones in an effort to save older batteries. You can now do multi-window multitasking (i.e. you can have two Notes windows open) and Expose has been brought over from macOS.

The updated version of Apple's Maps app has a few major updates including better looking-maps, along with what Apple calls "look around", which is basically its version of Google's Street View. The Files app has been enhanced with File Preview, Quick View, Metadata and iCloud Drive folder sharing. There's are also three-finger pinch to copy and three-ginger spread to paste gestures.

In 2017, iOS 11 offered the iPad its meatiest software upgrade ever, with new multitasking features that let power users leap between apps with balletic grace.

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