Published: Wed, June 05, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Pokemon Sword and Shield launch November 15 on Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Sword and Shield launch November 15 on Nintendo Switch

Again, it kicks off at 9AM ET, and will run for "roughly 15 minutes", which will contain "new information" for the upcoming duo of Switch Pokémon games, Sword & Shield. And we aren't talking about Pokemon Sleep.

Pokemon Sword and Shield launches November 15th on Nintendo Switch. Dynamax is similar to MetaEvolutions in that it's a new form to unlock once during a battle.

For me though the cooler additions are the new "Wild Area" zones. The Pokemon that appear here vary depending on location and weather, and you'll even be able to control the camera while you're in the Wild Area - a first for the mainline Pokemon series. But there is still plenty we don't know, which is why the live stream today is so exciting for Pokemon fans.

New Pokemon will also appear on the map like in "Pokemon Let's Go!".

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It seems like this will be the only area where the wild Pokemon are visible, so those looking for shiny hunts will find this the best place to come. Your rival Hop is the younger brother of Pokemon champion Leon. Three creatures, the sheep-like Wooloo, the flowery Gossifleur and Drednaw - a giant turtle - were revealed.

Two brand new features for Pokemon Sword and Shield also include the new Dynamax mode, and the Max Raid battles.

Multiplayer is now a more than simply trading and PvP in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Pokemon games have always done that, but I foolishly hoped that the move to a console would inspire Game Freak to take a bigger risk. Chief among them was an actual release date for both titles, which so far has only been a vague "late 2019" release window.

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