Published: Wed, June 05, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Microsoft Working On Dual-Screen Surface

Microsoft Working On Dual-Screen Surface

Microsoft never delivered on its Courier tablet concept that was rumored a decade ago, but there's great news for fans of the idea. And given that Microsoft is working closely with Intel, it wouldn't be a surprise if the said device will feature an Intel processor. But despite that, many were still intrigued that employees even formed long lines just to get a closer glimpse at this new Surface device.

Courier, plans for which were dropped in 2010, was intended as a dual-screen tablet. Centaurus is expected to run "Windows Lite" - a stripped down version of Microsoft's popular operating system that will reportedly be designed exclusively for dual-screen devices initially, before being made available for Chromebook competitors. The company may launch it in the next six months.

I for one, love the idea if a dual screen device that represents a notebook and allows me to take notes and watch Netflix/play games at the same time in meetings - because you know that's what we would all rather be doing anyway.

Sudan opposition rejects military's transition plan
The protesters have announced they are suspending talks with the military regarding the creation of a transitional government. For Saudi Arabia and the UAE, preserving "stability" in Sudan via support for the TMC could become an expensive commitment.

A prototype for Microsoft's "Andromeda" dual-screen phone. It is known that Microsoft is working on the Centaurus project (code name) about two years now, where the big goal is to create a device that redefines the concept of a laptop-tablet hybrid.

Microsoft also demonstrated a new prototype version of Microsoft Teams, a company's chat application which they plan to extend to families and friends.

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