Published: Wed, June 05, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Chopper Rescue Of 74-Year-Old Woman Turns Scary As Stretcher Spins

Chopper Rescue Of 74-Year-Old Woman Turns Scary As Stretcher Spins

After landing, the patient was treated for dizziness and nausea from the spinning, but the effects weren't serious, according to Capt. Bobby Dubnow, a Phoenix Fire Department technical rescue technician who was on the helicopter.

A helicopter rescuing a 75-year-old woman on a stokes basket took a dramatic turn when it spun out of control Tuesday.

Geisel said he got some forward flight to reduce the spin, which allowed rescuers to pull the injured woman up to the aircraft.

Shelly Jamison, the assistant chief for the Phoenix Fire Department, said the news conference was called, in part, because of the viral response online.

She was said to be in a stable condition.

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Watch the Phoenix Fire Department's press conference in the video below.

While Apolinar described the issue of spinning as "very rare", with the last case three or four years ago, he said the potential for the basket to rotate in such a wild manner is "a known phenomenon in the hoist rescue industry". The fall caused the woman to suffer injuries to her face and head.

"They tried to stop some of the spin with the line that Paul was referring to, but that didn't work and it eventually broke". Spinning has happened twice during that time frame.

Yet the victim "suffered no ill effects from that spin", Dubnow said.

He claimed there were reports she had some 'altered level of consciousnesses, feeling dizzy, and unable to assist in walking anymore'. She was packed into a Bauman bag and basket for removal from the area, something that the rescuers have done a lot of. I got sick to my stomach watching this!'

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