Published: Wed, June 05, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Apple kills off iTunes, but it will still sell digital downloads

Apple kills off iTunes, but it will still sell digital downloads

Apple announced its newest operating system, iOS13, at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference on Monday with a slew of under-the-hood changes that will crank up the speed and debuts the long-awaited "Dark Mode". Apple also keeps working on apps to incorporate more of Google Maps features, I see you Look Around, aka Street View.

General sentiment was that it would be sad to see iTunes go, but it would be so much happier with all the sunshine and a lovely big field to run around in. It's usually easy to find the big highlights of an Apple keynote to make it easily digestible to average viewers.

If you're an Android user switching to iOS, then Apple has something useful for you. We were given no new details on pricing, bundles, number of shows, or really anything to answer the concern of competitiveness with Disney+, Netflix, Disney controlled Hulu, etc. Apple is now offering multi-user support on the Apple TV, which sadly isn't coming to any other Apple products.

Apple is finally addressing its long-struggling navigation app, Maps.

While it became clunky over time as Apple seemed to add every sort of media under the sun to the iTunes banner, it is because of iTunes that services like Spotify and TIDAL seem so normal.

That means that rather than renting movies and TV shows through iTunes on your Mac, you'll watch everything through the Apple TV app. Apple says that more than 100,000 iTunes shows and movies will be ported into the Apple TV app, and they will be available to rent or buy.

Google Stadia launch info, pricing to be revealed June 6
Announced at a special event in March , Google Stadia is the search giant's first meaningful crack at non-mobile gaming . The first Stadia Connect livestream is taking place this Thursday, 6th June, and will kick off at 5PM UK time.

However, a newly-filed lawsuit against Apple might just draw the company's attention - two developers who create content for the App Store have filed litigation against the tech giant, claiming that the App Store has a "monopoly" when it comes to the sale of iOS apps.

Apple promises app launch speeds up to twice as fast; unlocking your phone with Face ID is set to be 30 per cent faster than before and app downloads will be up to 60 per cent smaller, meaning less data used to get them on your device and speedier access.

The way it works right now, there's a Podcasts app on the iPhone, but there's also a Podcasts section of iTunes on the Mac.

Apple's latest move will hopefully truly prevent apps from tracking kids. However, to sync a device, users will need to plug in their iPhone, open up the Finder, and choose a syncing option.

This was one of the best WWDC's I've been too in years.

Apple's iOS 13 is due to be available in September this year and will also include a new voice for the company's digital helper, Siri.

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