Published: Mon, May 27, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

You can open a beer bottle with the OnePlus 7 Pro!

You can open a beer bottle with the OnePlus 7 Pro!

OnePlus 7 Pro comes in three colors: Mirror gray, Nebula Blue, and Almond, while the Galaxy S10 Plus features six color variants: Prism Black, Prism White, Prism Blue, Flamingo Pink, Ceramic Black, and Ceramic White. The Oxygen OS has always been one of the best skins on Android phone and the best part is OnePlus keeps improving it with every update.

OnePlus is celebrating the success of the OnePlus 7 Pro.

Android Police reports that some of the OnePlus 7 Pro phones have been registering phantom taps on its display.

Overwatch Replays Now Available On The PTR
Blizzard has announced the new Replay feature, which, as you can likely guess, will allow players to relive their past matches. You can also place (and bookmark) static cameras if you want to watch the same spot across multiple games.

"After checking with the team, the reasons are that current Screen Recorder and Zen Mode are only compatible with the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro and are not fully integrated with previous models". You don't hear many people unhappy with the Huawei P30 Pro camera (112), just a lot of "woahs". But because the sensor is cropping down to 8MP, the effective focal length is 57mm, or a zoom factor of 2.2x. S10 Plus sports triple lens camera consisting in a 16mp ultra-wide angle with a viable aperture, 12mp with a variable aperture as well, and 12mp telephoto rear. By comparing regular photos taken with the telephoto lens and then switching to portrait mode, the user discovered that the picture is less zoomed in portrait mode - here's an example.

It appears that even the folks at DxOMark are not aware of this since it refers the OnePlus 7 Pro to have a 3x telephoto lens (78mm-equivalent) in their review. It will switch the field of view depending on the camera mode. While the Zen Mode helps you disconnect from the digital world. The OnePlus 5 was initially perceived to be doing 2X optical zoom but it was later clarified that the device was doing 1.6X optical zoom and the remaining 0.4X was done through smart capture multi-frame technology. Portrait mode utilizes all 13 megapixels from the sensor in the telephoto camera. With this, you will be able to record the screen with internal sound included. Her main contribution to Tech News Watch are mobile, IT and science news, with a focus on software updates and great outer space discoveries.

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