Published: Sun, May 26, 2019
Sci-tech | By Patricia Wade

NASA announces contract for space station to orbit moon

NASA announces contract for space station to orbit moon

This illustration depicts the power and propulsion element, a high-power 50-kilowatt solar electric propulsion spacecraft that will constitute the foundation of the Gateway, NASAs lunar orbiting staging point to send astronauts to the Moons surface in five years.

The latest initiative was dubbed Artemis, after the goddess of the hunt and the moon in Greek mythology and the twin sister of Apollo.

As part of the firm-fixed-price contract, the team will conduct a one-year demonstration of the power and propulsion spacecraft.

Speaking at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine also said NASA planners expect to select a core group of astronauts, perhaps about a dozen or so, as early as this summer to begin generic training for the accelerated Artemis moon program.

The orbital station will initially consist of a simple power and propulsion element and a small habitat module.

Bolton says N. Korea missile tests violated United Nations resolutions
However, Trump and other U.S. officials have brushed that aside, calling for Kim to take action on a commitment to denuclearise. The U.S. president raised the issue with Kim several times in Hanoi , and recommended he talk to Abe directly.

NASA doesn't require a specific design or precise elements for the next landing systems, leaving these specifications to the will of each company, saying that all they need is a vehicle which will take humans to the Moon and bring them back safely.

The announcement is expected to reveal the commercial partner selected to develop the first segment of the agency's Lunar Gateway outpost. The last astronaut to walk on the moon's surface was Eugene Cernan in 1972.

NASA advanced its target of returning humans to the Moon by four years, but a request for $1.6 billion funding in addition to the proposed $21 billion for the agency over the 2020 fiscal year has been rejected, the media reported.

Sirangelo "was escorted out of NASA's headquarters in Washington" after he resigned, according to two sources who spoke to Reuters, "to pursue other opportunities".

"We're not owning the hardware; we're buying the service, said Bridenstine, adding that time until 2024 was relatively short and that the ultimate goal was to reach Mars". Among the chosen companies, big names such as Boeing, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Northrop Grumman, Blue Origin, Sierra Nevada, Lockheed Martin and, of course, SpaceX made the list. "2024 is right around the corner".

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