Published: Sat, May 25, 2019
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The UK after May: no-deal, new deal, socialism - or no Brexit?

The UK after May: no-deal, new deal, socialism - or no Brexit?

Her warning came as Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said she would only support a candidate who could "bring our country back together" after the turmoil of recent years.

The Taoiseach said he wishes Mrs May well for the future and looks forward to "working closely" with her successor.

"However, leadership is tough - especially in these times - and she deserves thanks for her service".

Scottish Secretary David Mundell said no-one could have worked harder, or shown a greater sense of public duty, than Mrs May in delivering the result of the European Union referendum.

She added that they must also have "an ability to advance our interests at home and overseas and, crucially, demonstrate how they intend to bring our country back together".

Theresa May's Conservatives in the European Parliament have 18 seats, the same as Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party, followed by Farage's Brexit Party with 14 seats, which earlier belonged to the UK Independence Party.

What did Mrs May say?

Mrs May named June 7 as the date she will officially step down as Tory leader after a backlash against her latest Brexit deal.

"Her departure will not solve the Brexit mess that the Tories have created", Ms Sturgeon said.

Adding: "The prospect of an even more hardline Brexiteer now becoming PM and threatening a no deal exit is deeply concerning".

Members of Congress split on Trump administration approach to Iran
"We have deterred attacks based on our repositioning of assets, deterred attacks against American forces", he said. Amid rising tension in the Middle East Iran has said it has increased the production rate of uranium four-fold.

Leading Brexiteer Boris Johnson is now the favourite for the top job.

"That makes it all the more essential that Scotland has a choice of becoming an independent country".

If parliament did decide to hold another European Union referendum, Britain would have to ask for its departure date to be put back from the end of October to allow enough time for a campaign.

Ms Sturgeon also said: "Regardless of our differences of opinion I hope, as I said after our first meeting, that seeing a female first minister welcoming a female prime mninister to Scotland showed little girls everywhere that nothing is off limits to them".

She added: "Given current circumstances, it also feels deeply wrong for another Tory to be installed in Number 10 without a General Election".

The election was being held in a climate of widespread voter apathy over the uncertainty surrounding Brexit as the House of Commons has rejected Prime Minister Theresa May's deal three times and there had been calls for a second referendum.

Earlier today, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt became the first Cabinet minister to throw his hat into the ring following Mrs May's speech. Every member of parliament (MP) holds their own red lines to the extent a deal which will appease sufficient MPs and European Union leaders simply does not exist.

After years of saying she opposed another referendum, May's final gambit was to dangle the possibility of a second vote and closer trading arrangements.

"I leave with no ill-will but with enormous gratitude to have the opportunity to serve the country I love".

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