Published: Sat, May 25, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Steam Chat Mobile App Lets You Keep In Touch On The Go

Steam Chat Mobile App Lets You Keep In Touch On The Go

Steam Chat is the new app launched by Valve for iOS and Android devices. It's not clear how users might update the app since Google Play Store usually delivers the updates but with the missing Play Store, users will need to manually download and install the APK file to get the new updates.

The company launched its Steam Chat application for desktop users a year ago, and the mobile version of this application includes similar features. One of the areas where Steam has struggled, however, is the quality of its mobile app. You will see who are online or are playing games on your Friends List.

Rich chat includes add-ons such as tweets, GIFs, fidelity links, videos, Giphy, Steam emoticons, and more to make the chat experience better.

The Steam Link allows users to play games from their Steam library on Apple TV and compatible models of the iPhone and iPad.

If you don't want your phone blowing up with Steam notifications every waking hour, you can limit your notifications per friend, group and chat channel.

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In its announcement, Valve wrote that it intends to keep improving the app with the forthcoming roll-out of voice chat.

Since Valve are moving more into communication and a better user experience across their Steam platform, it will be interesting to see if they can develop a service that would be good enough to pull gamers from communication programs such as TeamSpeak or Discord. It was a much-anticipated and long-delayed app.

The app is live on iOS and Android. Back then, the company had refused including it claiming "business conflicts".

Steam Chat is a separate app from the Steam Mobile app. Steam plans to introduce new Steam Guard options such as QR codes and one-touch login.

This is likely why Valve chose to spin it off into its own thing.

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