Published: Sat, May 25, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Eleven iPhone 11 models have been listed on a regulatory database

Eleven iPhone 11 models have been listed on a regulatory database

The Competition and Markets Authority in the United Kingdom raised consumer law concerns with Cupertino after the initial reports from 2018, and Apple is now legally required to be clearer and more upfront with iPhone users about performance and battery health. And although it's unlikely the CMA could slap a fine on Apple that would impact the company's bottom line, the bad publicity such an action would bring is probably something Apple would prefer to avoid. The contract dictates that Apple has to be clearer with their customers about device battery health and performance.

In addition, people were not able to easily find information about the health of their phone's battery, which can degrade over time.

The iPhone maker previously came under scrutiny after it said in 2017 that software to deal with ageing batteries in iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE models could slow down performance.

This way users won't feel they need to spend money on having their phone fixed, or by purchasing a whole new device.

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Though Apple has since introducing an option to disable the performance management, offered cut-price battery replacements and added a new Battery Health menu in iOS 11.3, the firm has also now agreed with the CMA to be clearer about battery health and performance.

The agreements between Apple and the CMA are binding.

The Competition and Markets Authority started investigating past year amid concerns that a 2017 software update was causing some iPhones to slow, leading customers to buy new batteries or even new phones.

'Since the CMA raised its concerns, Apple had already started to be more up front with iPhone users, ' the watchdog said in a statement.

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