Published: Sat, May 25, 2019
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Disaster Relief Bill Stuck in the House Following GOP Lawmaker’s Objection

Disaster Relief Bill Stuck in the House Following GOP Lawmaker’s Objection

"The people, particularly in Texas, but people generally, are exhausted of the swamp and this is a very swampy thing to do - have a vote on a Friday heading into Memorial Day weekend and after we recess, when we could have done our job yesterday when we had 435 members of Congress who should be here and should vote", Roy told reporters.

Democrats will try to get it cleared sooner, however, through additional unanimous consent attempts. Rep.

Roy said he hasn't yet decided if he'll be back Tuesday to object to clearing the bill.

Rep. Donna Shalala, D-Fla., said she was very disappointed at Roy's action.

The House drama came less than 24 hours after the Senate passed the bill by a sweeping 85-8 vote that represented a brush-back pitch by a chamber tired of Trump's theatrics and where some members are increasingly showing impatience with the lack of legislative action. "I think the story would remain the same, I've got to do my job and get to the district".

A few days after a red-faced meltdown in defense of drug makers taking as much profit as they damn well please, the Republican lawmaker has singlehandedly held up an aid package that would flow $4 billion to parts of Texas prone to hurricane damage.

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In response to a question about whether McLeod should stay in the Legislature, Morgan told The Associated Press: "Gov. MS state house speaker, and fellow Republican , Philip Gunn , released a short statement on the incident.

Roy temporarily derailed a $19.1 billion disaster relief package hours earlier by objecting to a unanimous consent vote - the objection did not block the legislation, but rather required the House to vote on the measure through a roll call.

But since the House did not go through regular, more time-consuming procedures, it needed the consent of all of its current 432 members to approve the bill.

Trump's backing wasn't enough to assuage Roy, a former top aide to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), who served in that role as Cruz helped force the federal government into a partial shutdown in 2013 that lasted more than 2 weeks.

Ted Cruz, objected to speeding the measure through a almost empty chamber, also complaining that it does not contain any of President Donald trump's $4.5 billion request for dealing with a migrant refugee crisis on the U.S. -Mexico border. In addition, he said, "This is a $19 billion bill that is not paid for" by cuts elsewhere in the budget.

House appropriations committee Chairwoman Nita Lowey criticized Roy for making victims wait longer for aid.

A lone Republican congressman single-handedly stalled a $19 billion disaster aid bill that lawmakers had expected to pass before the Memorial Day weekend. He told his congressional colleagues that the USA needed to "have a responsive and fiscally responsive approach to help people who are hurting in the wake of natural disasters" but that he did not want "to let the swamp continue to mortgage the future of our children and grandchildren".

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