Published: Wed, May 22, 2019
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‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ to hit theaters in May 2021, studio confirms

‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ to hit theaters in May 2021, studio confirms

Lionsgate announced Monday that it has scheduled "John Wick 4" for May 21, 2021.

The release date of the fourth opus has been set for May 21, 2021 in the USA, according to Lionsgate.

Just because the third film from the John Wick just hit theatres doesn't mean it's too early to get started on filming the fourth chapter: John Wick 4 is slated to be released in U.S. theatres May 21, 2021.

Lionsgate's third installment of the Keanu Reeves action franchise over-performed forecasts, which had been in the $30 million to $35 million range.

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John Wick director says he and Keanu Reeves had to fight to make sure one scene made it into the movie. John Wick: "Chapter 4 is coming - May 21, 2021". And from the look of things, its producers are determined to keep that global assassin money coming! Would you like to see Keanu Reeves in a fourth John Wick film? Without giving away the spoiler, you saw it; you know what he does.

Halle Berry, Angelica Huston, Asia Kate Dillon, Mark Dacascos, and Jason Mantzoukas are also starring in the film alongside Yayan Ruhian, Cecep Arif Rahman, and Tiger Hu Chen.

John Wick will be back in exactly two years. In this case, a member of the High Table who ordered the open contract.

The third "John Wick" movie again stars Keanu Reeves as a retired hitman, this time being chased by an army of killers after a $14 million contract is put on his head. Stay tuned to Heroic Hollywood for the latest news on the future of the John Wick franchise as we learn it.

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