Published: Tue, May 21, 2019
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The 'Queen of the North' finds #GameOfThrones remake petition disrespectful

The 'Queen of the North' finds #GameOfThrones remake petition disrespectful

Sophie Turner has a few choice words for Game of Thrones fans petitioning HBO to remake season eight.

If you've just seen the sixth and final episode of Game of Thrones Season 8, there's a huge chance you're wondering why Sansa Stark didn't get the ending she may or may not deserve. I think there are people who are now convinced they are experienced Hollywood screenwriters and are telling David and Dan, who are brilliant writers and producers, how bad they are and just responding with a tweet. I think everyone has an idea of how they want this show to end in their heads - from Season 1, they've always had an idea. In fact, the sartorial elements even filled in the blanks when it came to Daenerys Targaryen's (Emilia Clarke) Mad Queen arc and helped inject some real eeriness into her final moments of the show.

Isaac Hempstead Wright: Well, I mean, I think the petition is just kind of a weird, juvenile gesture.

One fan clearly realised what it was alluding to, commenting: "Spoiler much?" I grew up with you.

The Game Of Thrones actor gave an interview to The Sunday Times where she revealed that their romance had gone through a rocky patch prior to their marriage and that they both temporarily made a decision to go their separate ways. "Calorie counting, everything. Oh, I'll just eat nuts today". "In the Times story she adds, "[Winterfell is] the only place that [Sansa] really, truly feels safe.

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Sophie has now revealed that she and Nick ended their relationship a day before their shock wedding. She would be a fair and loving ruler, and it's what she's been striving for this whole series: to go back home, to protect her home.

As far as Turner sees it, the relentless criticism of these final episodes actually makes flawless sense, because the show has always been created to piss fans off with its shocking twists.

Sophie, 23, played tribute to the GoT cast and her character is a sweet Instagram post before the final episode aired. "And finally she has that".

The actress went on to criticize a viral fan petition demanding a do-over of season 8. "I tried to think what the ending will be". Thank you for falling in love with these characters and supporting this show right through till the end.

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