Published: Mon, May 20, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

United Kingdom leader under pressure as rivals push for the end of May

United Kingdom leader under pressure as rivals push for the end of May

The only reason we will have to put ourselves through this ridiculous democratic contortion is that, for the last six months, MPs have failed to vote the Withdrawal Agreement negotiated by the Prime Minister.

The Conservative leader has previously won praise for her determination and ability to survive what has often felt like a three-year political crisis since the referendum vote.

Farage said: "Would I trust Boris Johnson?". The current deadline to leave is October 31.

The group has an executive body of 18 backbench MPs who oversee the organisation of Conservative party leadership elections. But if it passes, it could buy her more time as leader to see out Britain's departure from the EU.

The timetable is likely to mean a new Conservative leader, and therefore prime minister, should be in place before the party's annual conference in September.

May also plans to make a fourth attempt to get lawmakers' backing for Brexit terms by putting a withdrawal agreement bill to a vote during the week of June 3.

Its recent deterioration in the face of Mrs May's breaking her promise to deliver Brexit on time - made at least 108 times at the House of Commons despatch box - and ongoing attempts to stitch together a manifesto-breaking Brexit deal with Labour's hard-left leader Jeremy Corbyn, appears nearly terminal.

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Corbyn said on Friday that "without significant changes, we will continue to oppose the government's deal as we do not believe it safeguards jobs, living standards and manufacturing industry in Britain".

And a third added: "The Tory Party knows that if they don't vote in a STRONG Brexiteer with conviction next time, they have no chance of winning the next election".

The Conservatives are now gearing up for a leadership contest in the coming weeks.

Corbyn's party is demanding a general election and has left open the option of a second referendum on Brexit.

Britain's Boris Johnson, the former foreign minister, ex-mayor of London and leading Brexit campaigner, confirmed Thursday he will run for the premiership when Theresa May quits, British media reported. "Boris Johnson is the only candidate who increases likelihood to vote Conservative among both our 2017 voters & people planning to vote (for the newly formed) Brexit Party". The September 19 release of the book - For The Record - comes despite reports the former prime minister told Theresa May it would not come out until after Brexit.

"If she had been much tougher on the negotiations - instead of allowing the Europeans to set the timetable - if she had said: 'No, no, no, this is how we are going to do the negotiations, if you don't like it, we'll leave without a deal, ' then I think we would be in a much better position now".

Pro-Brexit politicians think the withdrawal agreement keeps Britain bound too closely to the EU's rules, while pro-Europeans think it relinquishes numerous benefits of European Union membership.

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