Published: Mon, May 20, 2019
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James Charles ‘went to a dark place’ after Tati Westbrook video

James Charles ‘went to a dark place’ after Tati Westbrook video

A little more than a week after the release of Tati Westbrook's viral "Bye Sister." video about fellow YouTube beauty guru James Charles and then Charles' cringe-worthy apology video, the 19-year-old released a almost 45-minute video of his own-armed with DM and text message receipts.

"I would never, have never and will never use my fame, money or power to manipulate or get any sexual actions from a guy".

Meanwhile Westbrook gained over five million followers from her initial video, jumping from 5.9 million to 10.6 million, but she has now lost 100,000 followers since Charles's video was posted.

"I am a 19-year old virgin. I wish I knew why he was doing all this but at the same time his track record with public feuds makes none of this a surprise", says Charles.

Released Saturday, Charles' "No More Lies" video has since garnered over 20 million views and has now flipped the criticism onto Westbrook.

At the height of the feud, fellow beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star, for unknown reasons, made a decision to implement himself by tweeting some since-deleted tweets aimed at Charles and his younger brother, Ian.

Star's video seemingly struck a cord with Westbrook who shared a long and passionate speech on social media, explaining that she "will not be making any further public comments". Star was also at the dinner and opened up about the different stories circulating about what really happened that night. First it looked like Tati had exposed James, leading to the young lad losing millions of subscribers and even having his merch store taken offline. "I'm sorry for the heavy anxiety you must've been going through these past weeks".

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James also provided screenshots of his texts to Tati to show his side of the "countless attempts" he made to contact her after the Sugarbear Hair incident. "And the fact that Tati brought this up blow my mind because she knows the real story". "You have for example previously tweeted saying that straight men will be the death of you etc which is concerning considering the fact that they will never give consent since they don't play for team D", she added.

Contradicting what Westbrook said in her video, who had assured her viewers the contract has been "orchestrated", Charles said it was "definitely not a big scheme that was orchestrated beforehand".

James said in his latest video that he has never done anything sexually with a man without consent and has apologised to anyone if his flirty messages have caused offence. "I want the picking sides and abusive memes and the language and all of that, I really hope on both sides it can stop". "You can form your opinions, but PLEASE do not send any hate to anyone", he said in a tweet explaining his video.

Star, who is known for his unfiltered personality, entered the beauty influencer feud in a since-deleted May 12 tweet that declared: "There is a reason that Nathan banned James Charles from ever coming over to our home again".

Despite saying that these are messages are just a simple "Hello" or a compliment and nothing inappropriate, Charles says that he will no longer be sending out these messages seeing how some people find it too straightforward. "Appreciate what you have and those around you".

"I've left town on a digital break to heal & pray for healing on all sides", she wrote. "Unfortunately, there have been allegations made against me and I don't really feel comfortable just "moving on" from those". I'm working on not reacting out of anger & working through patience for what this right thing to do is.

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