Published: Mon, May 20, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

GOP Rep. Amash becomes first Republican to call for Trump's impeachment

GOP Rep. Amash becomes first Republican to call for Trump's impeachment

".@justinamash come find me in 1628 Longworth". Attorney General Barr has deliberately misrepresented Mueller's report. 2.

Furthermore, Amash did not quote Mueller's report at all in his rant.

"Voters in Amash's district strongly support this president, and would rather their Congressman work to support the President's policies that have brought jobs, increased wages and made life better for Americans".

The self-identifying libertarian Republican and frequent Trump critic shared his "principal conclusions" on Saturday, including his assertion that "President Trump has engaged in impeachable conduct" in a Twitter thread on Saturday after reading the full redacted report.

Washington Examiner editor and commentary writer Siraji Hashmi and Washington Post assistant editor and CNN political commentator David Swerdlick both appeared on CNN Newsroom to discuss Amash's tweets, agreeing that the congressman could be putting his name out there to generate recognition for a 2020 presidential campaign.

Doug Collins says Attorney General William Barr is not jumping to any conclusions.

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Sen. Romney has previously called out President Trump based on the findings of the lengthy report, though he stopped short of saying that the President's conduct was worthy of impeachment.

"Contrary to Barr's portrayal, Mueller's report reveals that President Trump engaged in specific actions and a pattern of behavior that meet the threshold for impeachment", he wrote.

Amash's comments on Saturday with regard to impeachment went further than even many members of House Democratic leadership.

Trump's calls for an investigation into the alleged spying amplified after the release of the Mueller report, which detailed accusations that Trump had "colluded" with Russian Federation to help him win the presidency in 2016.

For instance, during the May 1 questioning, when asked about "unauthorized media contact", Barr responded, "We have multiple criminal leak investigations under way".

Today I want to add this regarding the Steele Dossier: "It's a very unusual situation to have opposition research like that, especially one that on its face had a number of clear mistakes and a somewhat jejune analysis and to use that to conduct counterintelligence against an American political campaign would be a odd development". "But one of the things I want to do is pull together all the information from the various investigations that have gone on, including on the [Capitol] Hill and in the [Justice] Department, and see if there are any remaining questions to be addressed".

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