Published: Sat, May 18, 2019
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World of Warcraft Classic coming August 26th

World of Warcraft Classic coming August 26th

For those who haven't yet opted in, head to your Beta Profile Settings page and tick the box next to "World of Warcraft Classic" to become a potential tester.

Blizzard doesn't have a lot of games coming up and with the recent decision behind Diablo Immortal still lingering having a popular decision like this will hopefully regain some hope in Blizzard's desire to please fans.

In the announcement made on the Blizzard website, Blizzard also mention that a series of stress tests is to take place over the next few months in run up to launch.

INCLUDED WITH EXISTING WOW SUBSCRIPTIONS - Anyone who subscribes to World of Warcraft can play WoW Classic at no additional cost. The method for signing up will be the same as the main WoW Classic beta - open up your account settings and make sure you're opted in for Classic betas in addition to standard WoW betas. The Sylvanas statue was darn impressive and while the jury's still out in regards to Jaina's face in her recently introduced statuette, Blizzard normally gets them right.

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Blizzard's plans for server stress testing and beta testing are listed below. These WoW fans had their wishes answered when Blizzard announced that it would be releasing Wow Classic for the community where players would be able to experience the Vanilla version of the title just like how it was when it was first released. Blizzard will then launch WoW Classic on 8/27, and then add in original WoW content following the release of the game.

On those dates and times, players will get to begin exploring the continents of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms as they fight for the Horde or the Alliance.

Ahead of the August 27 release date, character creation options will be going live earlier. Character name reservations are limited though, allowing for up to three per WoW account.

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