Published: Sat, May 18, 2019
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Uber adds quiet mode option in app, but only for luxury rides

Uber adds quiet mode option in app, but only for luxury rides

Drivers can choose if they want the auto to be hot or cold and if they are willing to speak to the driver or prefer to have silence instead. Also, if you need help with your luggage, you can let your driver know via the Uber app.

Uber is rolling out a new quiet mode for riders who want to keep conversation between themselves and their drivers to a minimum. The company has finally launched this feature, but it isn't available for numerous rides that take place on its platform.

If anything goes wrong, Uber Black users will have access to Uber's premium support line.

Uber has announced a number of new features for U.S. passengers using luxury Uber services like UberBLACK, or UberSUV - both of which involve fancier and more spacious vehicle models than a regular Uber ride.

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There's a new Uber feature being introduced that riders are definitely going to appreciate!

Uber is positioning the option as part of an array of "high-quality services" designed for folks who can afford the company's pricer ridesharing options. Originally founded as a luxury vehicle service that could be booked through a smartphone app, Uber later introduced low-priced options like Uber Pool. I hate being interviewed by drivers. Although you'll start to be charged for that. Of course, some drivers could decide to violate the "quiet mode" and decide to ask questions and make you uncomfortable anyway, but my hope is that this digital boundary will help me and women like me going forward. Well, the number of users that have taken the time to let the rideshare app know how frustrating this can be have won since Uber has announced Quiet Mode. "It's not mandatory. The driver is an independent contractor".

The company told TechCrunch that during the past three months they have done extensive research on driver perceptions, after which they came up with this new feature. We're just communicating the rider's preference.

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