Published: Wed, May 15, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Alabama Senate heads toward vote on abortion ban measure

Alabama Senate heads toward vote on abortion ban measure

Unlike Georgia, where the fetal heartbeat bill could get women life in prison or the death penalty, Alabama's bill targets abortion providers. Many women, according to the CDC, won't know they are pregnant for four to six weeks, meaning that by the time they've learned they are, it's too late to obtain an abortion, especially if the woman lives in a state that requires a waiting period. At the end of the day, the law is fully about stripping women of their bodily rights.

Governors and lawmakers across the country are rushing to pass highly restrictive abortion bills in hopes of attracting the attention of what they see as the most antiabortion U.S. Supreme Court in decades.

Last week actress Alyssa Milano posted a message on social media calling for women to join her in a sex strike to protest against strict abortion laws in America.

Republican Senator Clyde Chambliss, arguing in favor of the Alabama bill, said the whole point was "so that we can go directly to the Supreme Court to challenge Roe versus Wade".

"To take that choice away from that person who had such a traumatic act committed against them, to be left with the residue of that person if you will, to have to bring that child into this world and be reminded of it every single day", Figures said.

"The heart of this bill is to confront a decision that was made by the courts in 1973 that said the baby in a womb is not a person", Republican state Rep. Terri Collins said in April. You don't have to carry that child.

The Alabama bill goes further, banning abortions at any time.

The text of the bill likens abortion to history's greatest atrocities, including the Holocaust. Bobby Singleton pointed out and named rape victims watching the debate from the Senate viewing gallery.

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(b) A person convicted of the offense of criminal abortion shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than one nor more than ten years.

"This is nothing but a political game and women are the pawns", Staci Fox, CEO and President of Planned Parenthood Southeast. "It stops safe and legal abortion".

Several women dressed as characters from the "The Handmaid's Tale", which depicts a dystopian future where fertile women are forced to breed.

The ACLU of Alabama is on record saying it will sue if the bill becomes law.

Critics have promised a swift lawsuit.

Supporters of the bills approved 22-16 by the Senate on a party-line vote Tuesday say it would restrict the use of a "barbaric" procedure except to save a woman's life.

"The governor intends to withhold comment until it makes its way to her desk for signature, " deputy press secretary Lori Jhons wrote in an email prior to Tuesday night's vote. The American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama said a complaint is being drafted to challenge the ban.

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