Published: Tue, May 14, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Thousands March in London in Support of Palestine

Thousands March in London in Support of Palestine

Moreover, the tragic death of 195 Palestinians - including 14 students from UNRWA schools and the long-lasting physical and psychological injuries of 29,000 people during the year-long demonstrations known as the Great March of Return - come after three devastating conflicts in Gaza since 2009, which resulted in at least 3790 deaths and more than 17,000 injuries combined.

In Gaza, where unemployment stands at 54 percent and is much higher for young people, people do not have the purchasing power to fill in the gaps, McGoldrick said. He said "the next escalation is going to be probably the last one" before the sides descend into a full-fledged war.

Global pressure was stepped up on Hamas to end the latest escalation.

Reportedly, Egypt and Qatar have mediated this truce. Among its terms is a program to create jobs for thousands of graduates.

Officials said that the fishing zone would be expanded to a maximum of 12 nautical miles after a ceasefire agreement was reached with the Hamas militant group.

Rift over fresh referendum leaves Brexit talks running out of road
It's a blind alley. "And for those that voted to leave, they'll blame us for having not got the country out of the EU". Corbyn's aides say he's trying to ensure the support of the third of Labour supporters who favor Brexit .

Qatari envoy Mohammed al-Emadi arrived in Gaza with a $30 million cash infusion meant for tens of thousands of needy families as part of the cease-fire understandings.

Hundreds of Palestinians waited at post offices in Gaza City to receive the $100 cash payments, an AFP photographer said. We need your help to continue this work. I have rent for my home and I'm married and have a daughter; what is $100?

Israel had closed the crossings on May 4, when Gaza ruler Hamas and its ally, Islamic Jihad, fired hundreds of rockets at Israel, killing four civilians.

On the statistics of Palestinian refugees, the report said that based on United Nations Relief and Work Agency records, "the total number of Palestinian refugees was 6.02 million, 28.4 percent of whom live in 58 camps". No date has been set yet for the payment of Hamas government employees' salaries.

"Unless UNRWA secures at least an additional $60m by June, our ability to continue providing food to more than one million Palestine refugees in Gaza, including some 620,000 abject poor - those who can not cover their basic food needs and who have to survive on $1.6 per day - and almost 390,000 absolute poor - those who survive on about $3.5 per day - will be severely challenged".

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