Published: Tue, May 14, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Rift over fresh referendum leaves Brexit talks running out of road

Rift over fresh referendum leaves Brexit talks running out of road

"And one way to do it are these two minority positions - the Prime Minister's deal and those that think the people should have a say on the deal - plug them together and you build a majority". But if we, under a new leader, reinvent ourselves properly as a Brexit party, we will be faced with the inevitability at some point of a general election in order to deliver Brexit because this Parliament is stopping the delivery of Brexit.

"The longer Theresa May is in denial about the danger her party faces, the harder it will be to recover lost voters - and the more likely the Brexit Party will succeed in its aim of getting a foothold in Westminster".

Mr Watson also insisted Labour was a "remain and reform" party, in defiance of several of Jeremy Corbyn's allies who have called for the opposition to respect the Brexit referendum result.

Mr Farage leaving LBC radio in London today.

A poll conducted by Opinium on behalf of The Observer newspaper this past weekend led to a new wave of panic among Britain's main political parties as the Brexit Party - founded by former U.K. Independence Party head Nigel Farage - looked set to be the most popular party, with 34% support, followed by Labour on 21%, the Liberal Democrats on 12% and the Conservatives on 11%.

Corbyn's aides say he's trying to ensure the support of the third of Labour supporters who favor Brexit.

And Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson said he thought the way out of the impasse was a "confirmatory ballot" on Theresa May's agreement, saying it would be "difficult" for his party to assist in the UK's exit from the European Union without another referendum.

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Asked whether he'd do a deal with the Tories if elected, he said: "If we can save £39billion, come out of the Customs Union, come out of the Single Market, come out of the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and be a genuinely independent, self-governing democracy that can choose its own future, I'd do a deal with the devil to get that". Moreover, unlike the Conservatives and Labour, the Brexit Party is the only one to have has embraced leaving the European Union without a withdrawal agreement as official party policy.

The Prime Minister was warned by senior Conservatives that she risks losing the "loyal middle" of the Tory Party if she gives ground on a customs union.

It is also implicit that the rebel group, made up of leadership contenders, would try tear up any soft Brexit agreement with Labour once Mrs May resigns.

Labour is proposing Britain remaining in a customs union with the EU, a position that's anathema to the hardline Brexiters, nicknamed the "Spartans", in May's party, but doesn't go far enough to satisfy the almost three out of four Labour Party members who are pro-EU. It's a blind alley.

"And for those that voted to leave, they'll blame us for having not got the country out of the EU".

Housing Secretary James Brokenshire said a confirmatory referendum would be "taking us in a different direction - that's actually saying 'well, we're looking at this issue all over again and not giving effect to the original vote"'.

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